William Crawford

William Crawford, Untitled

William Crawford’s drawings are purported to be the extremely sexual interior monologue of the artist. Very little is known about Crawford as the entire collection of drawings was found in an abandoned house, some parts labeled with the California Correction system on them and signed by William Crawford. It is also believed that the repetitive figure in the drawings is the artist himself, and that the drawings were made in the California penal system in the 1990’s. Similarly to Baral and Yokoyma, the Crawford drawings present fantasy tinged with the overbearing weight of power and authority from a completely different position. The works are equally intricate and eloquent in their tact, composition and skill, while creating a crude, kinky, individualized world for the viewer. Many of the drawings focus on a specific area of the composition and fade out like one of Michelangelo’s anatomy drawings or a cloudy memory.